VOELOON New Flash Trigger 810RT Listed


Voeloon wireless trigger 810RT for Nikon is a Transceiver, compatible with mainstream flash.


Latest TTL firmware/software update expands extensive list of compatible flashes making VOELOON more in sync with what today’s photographers are shooting with. For a complete compatibility list, please visit: …..


VOLOON, manufacturers of flash and trigger, announces the immediate availability of the new 810RT for Nikon and Canon. Wireless trigger 810-RT, which transceiver has: TTL, 1/8000 HSS,DT Mode,2.4GHz,31 channels, A/B/C 3 groups, Wireless shutter release, the distance over 100M ect.

Remark:What is DT,method of realizing common Flash support high-speed synchronization function; allows photographers to connect  speedlight style flash to “HSS”, whether it has HSS function or not. )

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