Flash temperature is really very important!

Abstract:  When it comes to the color temperature, many users may have heard, but did not pay enough attention to it, because of the digital camera  can be accurately adjusted to the ideal temperature. But, as we know, for a good flash, the parameter of color value is more important than the Guide Number.


Here, we need to let you know some of the concepts:

1. Color, all colors add up to black; and in the light, all the colors of the light added up to white light;

2. If the flash is not a monochromatic source, the light is not solid, is mixed up;

3. If in the mixed light orange, red component is more, it will lower the temperature;

4. On the contrary, if blue, purple color is more ingredients, will higher;

5. Xenon luminescence is triggered by capacitive discharge;

6. The process of capacitor discharge is very short, the discharge voltage is a curve of “low to high” then “high to low”.

The above concept is aimed at ordinary xenon flash, not for LED flash.


So we can get the chart below:

We can see that when a xenon flash tube flash output (M1/1), and 1/2 (M1/2), the voltage curve of the capacitor discharge is different.

The difference of curve, resulting in the difference of curve in the visible light range and the mixing of mixed light components, which directly leads to the difference of the flash lamp color temperature output.

In general, if the same flash tube, the lower its output power, the lower the color temperature.


VOELOON brand, each flash circuit is taken into account the characteristics of the xenon flash tube, we correct the color temperature by adjusting the capacitance discharge curve, so as to ensure the VOELOON flash keep the same color output(5600K color temperature) in different output power; at the same time to ensure that the capacitor in the case of full to re-discharge, so as to ensure the stability of the color temperature.


VOELOON flash in addition to optimize the circuit, also customized stronger anti-aging ability, longer life xenon lamp. Because of the temperature of the flash tube is very high when flash instantly, in order to avoid the Fresnel lens affected by high temperature, it used of special materials to reduce the possibility of the Fresnel lens been smoked yellow or black. All these are aimed to make the output of the VOELOON color temperature is more stable.


In addition, in the use of multiple lamp lighting, we try to use the same brand of flash to ensure the color consistency. Because if it’s two or more inconsistent color lights exposure to the same object, this will ruin your whole works.


All the VOELOON brand flash are strictly tested by Temperature Detecting Instrument to ensure that every flash color temperature keep in the normal range of 5300K-5700K.

If you do not want to trouble yourself cause of a flash with unstable color temperature, you can choose a more stable flash brand, such as VOELOON!