VOELOON is the flagship brand of voeloon photographic equipment, whose trademark was registered by the SAIC. OEM ten years for many well-known foreign brands (SANYO, CARMATE, KASHIMURA, WAL-MART), continuation of the quality control of many well-known international companys, involving digital products, consumer electronics and so on, to establish the improved ISO 9001 ISO14000 quality certification system.

VOELOON Photographic Equipment is committed to developing, marketing and production of accessories for professional digital and film SLR camera. oloong series products, including flash, wireless shutter remote control, wireless synchronization control, cable release, camera tripod and camera bag.

VOELOON series targeted at high-end, based on stringent requirements of the process and selection of international brands, central control, by the way, voeloon’s performance, appearance and quality also achieve the international standards, many years of OEM experience lay a solid foundation for its quality and technology.

OUR development concept is "technology first, innovation-oriented, quality for root, service on based"

voeloon is sincere to provide with value for money products for consumers, welcome to join and cooperation.

OUR quality policy:

Our commitment to customers to starts from understanding customer needs, full participation, central control, work together, improve ourselves and customers' business constantly, provide satisfactory products and services for customers.